Tree Removal

If trees need to be removed we have the equipment, knowledge and experience to carry out these operations safely and efficiently.

Smaller trees are routinely felled and removed for a variety of different reasons. This can be achieved quickly and with no disturbance to the surrounding garden or site. We can clear all of the arisings and leave the work area in a very tidy condition.

On occasion it is necessary to remove very large trees. This is often the case where they have become unsafe through disease or decay. These operations can require particular skill and expertise as well as specialist machinery.

We often recommend replacement planting and you can find out more about this service on our Tree Planting page.

Sectional Felling

Typically larger trees will need to be dismantled in pieces. This is sometimes called sectional felling and which involves a tree surgeon lowering parts of the tree to the ground in a safe and controlled manner with specialist rigging techniques and equipment. Our contractors are trained and certificated in these techniques. We have been undertaking these operations for many years and have the best equipment to do this work safely and efficiently.

All of our rigging equipment is thoroughly inspected and renewed at regular intervals.

Our experience has shown that sometimes a crane is the safest and most cost effective solution for large tree removals. This is another area where we have considerable experience.

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Stump Removal

Tree stumps are removed for many reasons. We can remove stumps of any size quickly and conveniently. The machine is narrow enough to access most situations and powerful enough to deal with large tree stumps. We can grind them down well below surface level. This makes space for replanting or new landscaping or simply removes unsightly stumps and trip hazards from your garden. There are other benefits to stump grinding such as the control of diseases like Honey Fungus. This is a common root disease that relies on dead woody material in the ground to thrive. Thorough stump removal can play an important role in limiting the spread of Honey Fungus. The mulch-like material that results from grinding stumps can be composted and recycled within a garden. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and written quotation. You will receive prompt attention and expert advice.

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